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March 20, 2017

PART 1: The Hako Project

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Written by: Tuned.
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Photos: Osman Asanovski
Story: James Pinheiro

Classic. Collectable. Historic. Legendary. The Hakosuka – A car which holds a special place in the heart of (just about) every JDM enthusiast, however due to their scarce existence – rarely seen in the flesh.

Jayson D’Alessandro is already the proud owner of the “GUNR33” GT-R, however he’s also lucky enough to be the proud new owner of this 2000 GT-X Hakosuka, which we will be exclusively following the build progress on – from start, to finish.

This particular example was purchased directly from Joe at Team Wild Speed, who sourced and imported it approximately 7 years ago as one of his personal cars. It’s been kept it in storage for the majority of this time.

Being a true Nissan fan himself, Joe had little to no intentions of ever letting the car go. However in selling it to Jayson, he has trusted him in bringing it back to life and giving it the love and attention it truly deserves.

Jayson is definitely no stranger to the car scene. If you’ve seen GUNR33, you’ll know he’s also no stranger to the modification world. However, this is a whole new ball game. With age comes wear and tear.. and with absolutely no delay – Jayson’s moved straight into the required restoration aspect!

The Hako is now officially off the road and the make-over has already begun. At present, the car is stripped down to bare metal and will shortly be making a return to Team Wild Speed, who will be performing the required fabrication work.

“The Hako may have looked good from the outside, but there is a lot of work needed to get this car to where
I want it”. – Jayson D’Alessandro

Jayson’s engine plans consist of a built L28 with triple webber. Interior wise, he’s restoring it to factory spec. Wheel wise.. well, options are still being assessed. We don’t want to give away too much detail here, as in discussions with Jayson – we’d like to keep it a surprise!

Jayson would like to thank Joe from Team Wild Speed for the opportunity purchase the car, Anthony from Dahtone Racing who will be assisting with the engine build, Alex from Team Wild Speed who will be completing the fabrication work and his great friend Brodie Kelly who assisted with stripping the car.

Just like you, we can’t wait to see Jayson’s completed master piece. Stay Tuned. as we’ll be closely following Jason’s build and will keep you updated with progress via our website and Facebook page!



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