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January 20, 2017

Tuned. & Nulon: Show & Shine (08/01/2017)

Photos & Story: James Pinheiro
Video: Jayden Cordova

When we were invited back by our great friends at Nulon to host another Show & Shine at the Nulon Nationals Round 1 – Motorkhana – there was no doubt the Tuned. team were ready to put on one heck of a show, this time even bigger than the last. With barely a cloud in the sky from sunrise, it was looking to be a perfect day to be down at the ‘Creek’. With the Tuned. & Nulon stands set up, the skid-pan watered down and the cars already lining up we were ready to rock n roll.

DSC_0326 (600x359)

DSC_0049 (600x363)

DSC_0109 (600x357)

DSC_0325 (600x364)

The gates opened and the sound of the first lot of entrants began to rev through under the tunnel approaching the Show & Shine area. 1 by 1 they began to situate their cars in the designated areas given. With just over 300+ cars the show was rocking and the sun was shining, by 12pm mid day we had a full house of show cars and people.

DSC_0115 (600x356)

DSC_0114 (600x400)

DSC_0307 (600x379)

DSC_0315 (600x366)

Temperatures were set to have reached into the 30’s, although the scorching hot day, everyone’s eyes were glued onto the eye-candy surrounding them, so many unique builds.. whether it was form or function, there was something for everyone’s likes to be pleased, there was stance, bagged, horsepower, paint jobs, wheels, engine bays and the list could go on.. whatever you liked it was at the Show & Shine.

DSC_0337 (600x400)

DSC_0301 (600x364)

DSC_0138 (600x400)

DSC_0252 (600x356)

Once you did a tour at the show & shine, people led themselves over to the skid pan where 14 clubs battled it out against each other on the Motorkhana course. Must we say it was surely something awesome to experience!

At 3PM it was crunch time.. it was time to announce the winners of our Show & Shine!

– Best Paint & Body: Cruze – Ozzy Pride
– Best Restoration: Nismo GT300 – Dale Malone
– Best Club Display: Velocity – Ben Sultana
– Best Fitment: S15 – Michael McCarthy
– Best Engine Bay: RX7 – Ash Killard
– Best Interior: WRX – Kylee Raymond
– Best In Show: WRX – Ryan Michael Wilson
– People’s Choice: 86 – Kakzzman Parmot

DSC_0345 (600x374)

DSC_0047 (600x351)

DSC_0342 (600x386)

DSC_0331 (600x362)

We’d like to congratulate all the winners from our Show & Shine, a huge thank you to Nulon for having us back for another round, and of-course a huge thank you to all our entrants into the Show & Shine, and last but not least thank you to all who came out to the Show & Shine. We look forward to seeing you at our next Tuned event.

DSC_0336 (600x400)

DSC_0265 (600x366)

DSC_0304 (600x369)

DSC_0134 (600x383)



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