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October 23, 2014

Toymods Toyota Fest #11 (05/10/2014)

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Written by: Tuned.
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Photos: Andrew Ryan / Daniel Lockerbie
Story: Anthony Tannous

After one whole year, the team at Toymods decided it was time to return to the roof top of the Castle Hill Homemaker Centre to let their fellow Toyota nuts from around Australia show off their pride and joy. If you ask anyone about the last Toyotafest, they will tell you about the weltering conditions that had people huddled under one small pergola. This year was no different! On the plus side, the clear skies and optimal lighting gave our awesome photographers the chance to snap the sexy photos you see before you.

d01 (600x338)

d02 (600x338)

d03 (600x338)

d04 (600x338)

d06 (600x338)

Many will argue NA is best, while others will preach that once you experience boost, there is no turning back. Whatever you fancy, both sides were out in force to give us what we were looking for, and if that wasn’t enough, there were engine swaps that would make your head hurt thinking about the time and effort put into them. One of these was KE Rolla with a boosted F20C out of an S2000, which to this day is one of the neatest swaps I have ever seen.

a01 (600x338)

a09 (600x338)

a10 (600x338)

a11 (600x338)

a12 (600x338)

Will it fit? That’s what I thought when I heard about an old school Celica rocking a stroked Ford 302 Cleveland. Rest assured, it most certainly does. How? I have no idea, but my goodness it is insane. Oh, and did I mention that it’s also street registered?

d07 (600x338)

d08 (600x338)

d09 (600x338)

d10 (600x338)

d11 (600x338)

One of the aspects of the Toyota community that I admire is the comradery between not only owners of the same model, but throughout the make. There were plenty of pre-meets and cruises down to the show which resulted in trains of cars showing up to the rooftop. This gave owners the chance of having some hot rolling shots taken with their mates while making a statement.

Vendors such as JDMWheels.com.au brought along some truly special items, one in particular being a set of SSR Formula Mesh measuring 19” by 15”. These outrageous wheels boasted enough dish to contain two small infants.

a08 (600x338)

a02 (600x338)

a03 (600x338)

a04 (600x338)

a05 (600x338)

a06 (600x338)

a07 (600x338)

In my opinion, Toyota boasts some of the best looking and performing cars. New school and old school, and sometimes you get those select few that combine the best of both worlds and through this, something truly spectacular is born. This is what I love about the Toyota community. If you get a chance, keep an ear and an eye out for next year’s Toyotafest. It’s one show that brings together enthusiasts who are young and old and makes it feel like one big happy family.

Keep up the good work Toymods, can’t wait for next year. So until next time, stay Tuned.

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