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May 23, 2014

Melbourne Car Meets: Major Meet #2

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Written by: Tuned.
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Photos: Jason Brezic
Story: Trent Hetherington

In the wake of recent draconian like legislation that has been passed surrounding modified cars, a niche has been created. That is, a medium for car enthusiasts to enjoy their cars in a way that doesn’t end with them losing their licences. To fill these niches, selfless event directors all across the country have stepped up to the plate to provide meets, track days and even weekend getaways where like minded enthusiasts can converge and immerse themselves in what it is they love – their cars.

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The people behind Tuned., Downshift, 100mm Certified and now Melbourne Car Meets (as well as many others) have tirelessly fought for our rights and provided us with these events. Founded in 2013, Melbourne Car Meets recently held their second major event at the Caribbean Markets in, you guessed it, Melbourne!

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One by one, the barks of modified cars could be heard echoing across the gardens as the cars pulled in, all championing their prime patches of grass. Not to worry for the late comers though; there was plenty of room and I don’t think anyone in attendance skipped a square meter of the gardens while getting an eye full of what was on display.

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The VicDrift Club made a grand entry by unloading their cars up the road and driving them in. Unsuspecting onlookers that were hanging around for the markets seemed very intrigued by the track cars with no number plates rolling past. I think a few car enthusiasts were even created on the spot!

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The day went off without a hitch minus one unlucky S15 owners’ wheel coming adrift thanks to some loose wheel nuts, don’t forget to check yours, guys and girls! Melbourne Car Meets made sure their second major event was one worth attending, not only was the setting fantastic, but a DJ was there to keep everyone on their toes. What’s better than cars and tunes on a laid back Sunday afternoon? Not a whole lot.

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With the quality of meets going down all across the country, it’s hard to not feel left out simply because you can’t be in two places at once! Melbourne Car Meets run smaller events around Melbourne weekly if you’re after something regular, so go and check them out! Hats off to everyone in the car scene trying to make it possible for us all to keep doing what it is we love, playing with cars.

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Stay Tuned. for more event coverage coming at you shortly!

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