Established 9th April 2013, Tuned. consists of a devoted Australian based team, focused on constantly showcasing the worlds finest automotive media content. We have a passion for immaculate, stand out Japanese vehicles and love sharing this passion with our fans.

The Tuned. website is your main source of scene news, event coverage (including club meets / cruises, track events, dyno days, EOMM’s), feature car articles, high resolution downloads + much more. You can also keep in touch with us on Facebook and Instagram for regular fresh updates.

Tuned. was originally launched as a side venture by Chris Sommerville to work in conjunction with his interest in automotive photography. The brand was provided preliminary exposure via his own personal Facebook photography page, and initially designed as an outlet to showcase both – eye catching photos which influenced his work, and also his own ‘Exclusive Tuned. content’.

Tuned. soon evolved to contain a significant focus on both, feature car coverage and scene event coverage, with a clear vision of hosting motorsport entertainment events and also providing fans with a wide range of associated merchandise. As a result, a core Tuned. team was established and select contributors were invited to assist with growth. Shortly after, the Tuned. website was launched and the rest is history.

Since launch, Tuned. has grown to a site with literally thousands of followers and multiple talented contributors, helping our team showcase the sexiest cars in today’s automotive scene. Tuned. wouldn’t be what it is today without the ongoing support of our devoted fans, and we express our thanks to all.

If you would like to get in touch with our team, you can do this anytime via either the Contact Us page on our website, or via PM on Facebook. We love hearing from our fans and encourage you to share your feedback and thoughts.

– The Tuned. Team